CNN Headline News - July 13, 1994

CNN Headline News filler (aired June 13, 1994) intro: tape cuts in, anchor saying "...modeling and acting, but it's music she loves best. Bill Tush talked with the rising star."

The CNN "Showbiz Today" (aired June 13, 1994) Jim Moret intro: cuts in "...and it might be a name you'll want to remember. She's still a teenager but she's already been a successful model and actress. She told Senior Entertainment Correspondent Bill Tush that those days are behind her and now she's looking forward to a career in music"

(Scenes from GWF video)

Tush: Her debut album is called _The Divine Comedy_ and this, her first video is "The Gentlemen Who Fell" [sic] and 18-year old Milla Jovovich wrote all the songs herself [sic]. Of course, she was much younger when she did that.

(Milla being interviewed in a house, Milla's presumably)

Milla: All the songs were pretty much written when I was 16.

(more scenes from the GWF video)

Tush: Milla, she dropped her last name, by the way, is a very impressive young woman. She's out on tour right now, promoting her album. Just her and her acoustic band. No entourage, and by no means, a stage mother pushing her into the spotlight.

(Milla, being interviewed in the house)

Milla: Really, the way I was raised, it's to be expected that I would be responsible for myself at a young age because I was raised to have a mind of my own.

(Milla on the cover of Mademoiselle, then scenes from Chaplin and Dazed And Confused)

Tush: And her mind was made up when she decided to end a successful modeling career, and then take a promising future in films and put that on hold. Milla made a brief appearance as one of Charlie Chaplin's teenage lovers in _Chaplin_ and as the spaced-out '70's hippy in _Dazed And Confused_. But these days she is just focused on her music...

(Milla singing "Charlie" with band)

Tush: ...although Milla admits that her past work might have helped land a recording deal.

(Interview at the house again)

Milla: Well, I had a couple of other careers to back me up and, I mean, it looked like a great little package and I guess that I gave them more than they expected.

(Milla with 4 band memebers)

Tush: If Milla's tour brings her to your town this is pretty much what you'll see and hear. Her plans are to play small venues and even the coffeehouse circuit.

Milla: I want to really keep it low right now. Whatever happens with this album I think, is great, I think what's already happened with it is so much more than I expected, that anything after this is almost like a cherry on top. I just want to take it really slowly and not hit people over the head with "MILLA'A NEW ALBUM" just let people discover it for themselves.

(more scenes from GWF video)

Tush: Bill Tush, CNN Entertainment News, New York