Celebrity (Germany) November 2006

Milla's Sense of...

... the unusual: Milla Jovovich likes to kick butt, doesn't think highly of fellow male actors, and likes steak with brussel sprouts

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Youíve established yourself more and more as an actress and you seem to have an affection for action rolesÖ
I donít think there can ever be too many women in action movies. The male hero is very worn out. Arnold Schwarzenegger is retiremed, Bruce Willis looks undecided. I think itís time that women paint the town red, master kung-fu and fire weapons. Besides, itís fun to make action movies and kick someoneís butt!

Being a model you're used to staying fit. Do you have to hustle especially for your roles?
To be honest, I'm already feeling that as I get older. I am 30 now and the fitness program for my last action movie "Ultraviolet" nearly killed me. I felt totally exhausted, physically and mentally. Then again it's somehow great to push the body to its limits.

Does that mean that you enjoy physical pain?
Well, itís definitely stimulating. I noticed that I get in a good mood through extreme physical strain. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? The released endorphins make me happy -- even on bad days. I would probably kill somebody if I couldn't vent myself on physical training.

How do you stay fit privately?
I practice yoga and meditate as often as I can. I do a lot of stretching, sometimes push-ups, too. I have to be careful with heavy athletics because I have quite a strong physique and I build muscle quickly. I try to stay sleek and flexible. I also avoid junk food, eat healthy, and prefer to cook for myself. Currently I'm really into steak with brussel sprouts.

What is your favorite way to relax?
I like to be at home, play guitar or relax with a glass of wine. Iíve always been good at sitting around and simply doing nothing. I also write - sometimes in my diary, somtimes poems. And I write songs, although it's been an eternity since I made a record. It would be about time, I have 100 new songs already.

Are you also as tough in your private life as in your movie roles?
In this regard I am nearly schizophrenic. When I work I take on and bear a lot. I do the stunts myself, get bruised, sprain something, and overcome fears. However, in real life I chicken out, complain, and am more of a coward. It took me three years until I was ready to have my wisdom teeth taken out - all four at the same time. It was horrible, I can't really deal with such things...

How about children - or would that mean the end of your career?
No, it certainly would not be the end of my career. But a pregnancy would change a lot - not just my figure. But I donít think that it wouldn't be a problem. I see how fast most women become fit and trim again after a pregnancy - especially in Los Angeles and New York. Women like Heidi Klum are showing that it is possible. Besides, having a child gives you a new motivation: It is the beginning of something, not the end. But at the moment I am not thinking about kids. At 40 it's still possible without problems. My mother had me when she was 24, Iím already 30 and my friends are also around 30 - but we are still acting like kids ourselves.

Do you have a special wish that you want to fulfill in the near future?
I want to finally shoot a romantic comedy and be less militant for once. I didn't dare do it until now ... But meanwhile I think, Why not? I don't have to prove anything to anybody. I came far as a model and also as an actress. I absolutely want to make a movie with Cate Blanchett. Kate Hudson I like too. It would be nice if I could once get the opportunity to stand in front of the camera with these exceptional women.

And how about marriage?
One more? Two times should be enough... To be honest, I work so much that there isn't much time for a private life.

Is this the reason, that - after Luc Besson - you're again together with a director, Paul W. Anderson?
That's obvious. When you are working with the same people on a set for months, there arise certain bonds, emotionally and sometimes also physically. But you certainly will never see me with a doctor, lawyer, or scientist, because I have no time for such people. It's not that I don't want to deal with them, but I simply don't meet these guys. I mostly hang out with musicians, film makers, or models. This sometimes leads to a relationship...

Are there people with whom you don't want to deal at all?
I would never start something with a model or actor. Directors on the other hand are great... Male actors are often vain prima donnas. I rarely saw some during filming who were not worried about their complexion. And many carried around bags full of lotions, creams, and baby oil. Oh dear... Men shouldn't deal with such stuff, as long as they're not forced to it by their girlfriends. Please leave our beauty products to us women!