Canal Interview with Bruce Willis & Milla, May 8, 1997

Transcribed by Alexandre Le Rouvillois

  As some people asked me via the ml or e-mail, I translate you Milla and
Bruce's interview in "Nulle Part Ailleurs" on french channel "canal +" 8th
Thursday. The athmosphere was really friendly and some answers are ironic.
Unfortunately, the translators speak French over Milla or Bruce's voices so
I couldn't just transpose voice->text, and there can be many errors in
translation, don't hesitate to ask me if there are some things you don't understand.

  There are two compere-interviewers male (i1 i2) and one girl (ig)

I1 announces MJ and BW (crowd cry and applaud as they see Milla and Bruce
whose arrive). Milla wears a long pale yellow dress and a sort of shawl.
Milla : Good evening

I1-I2: Hello bruce and milla
        It's a real pleasure to receive you this evening, as you know that
the movie is         a triumph in France, that we never have seen since 10years.

IG : Riots.. Riots in Paris

I2 : This remember me the opening of a restaurant

IG to BW: First question we want to ask you bruce, what do you feel to be
sit just                besides the perfect human?

BW thinks, smiles, Milla laugh : Oh this is nice, we have worked together, I
have kiss                                  her in the movie you know, we
were naked..

Milla : YOU were naked (smile)

BW : ..Yes, we have do a lot of things (he smiles)

IG : and you Milla, what do you feel to be sit just besides the world saviour?

Milla : My world is really better now, he facilitates my life (??), I am
very very very         lucky to play with such a star

I1: Yesterday at this time, were you frighten to climb the stairs? whereas
you didn't       know what will be the reception of the film, and at the
projection after the movie,     Milla?

Milla (surprised): Me??? Oh my godness, I were really really frighten,
especially that I                    had tear my dress in my back (she get
up and show how she had to                        walk) I were really lucky
in fact because the friend of Demi                    (speaking about BW:)
helped me a lot

I1 : I am not a big fashion designer, but how can you tair such a dress ,
there were      only holes on!

IG : it was really nice

Milla: I have not really tair the dress, it comes out itself..

BW : There was an explosion..

Milla : oh, speaking about it is really embarassing...

I1 : Listen, we are going to see you foolish day, yesterday, and we will see
that you        have been really courageous
(TV shows climb of stair, and the "night of tfe")

I1 : There was a huge party about TFE yesterday night

BW: We have finish at 7:30 am when the police arrived...

Milla: This is not true!

IG : I am really happy to be near Milla, I remember some years ago, you were
eleven or       twelve, maybe people remember, you were just a little girl
and one of the nicest        model of the world (Milla smiles). You were
just beautiful, and you take your time,      we didn't see you for a long
time, this is your first role at cinema, because blue      lagoon was maybe,
hmm less important, we can say?

Milla : Oh, I played in "Dazed and confused" when I were sixteen, all the
same.. And            (Milla seems happy to speak about this:) after that,
during 3years, I did Tours         with a band, in a bus, in usa, we made
music, I were not model or actress, this         let me to relax a bit..

I1: Now let's see your (speaking about Milla and Bruce) metting in the film
(tv shows the taxi'scene)

I1 : Milla and Bruce were hilarous during the projection because they
discover their      french voice!

Milla laughs and speak her strange langage in the movie and finish by "ah
merde", what means something like "shit" in french, which provoke sudden
laughter in the crowd and speakers.

IG to Milla : In any case, your role seems thousand times more athletic than
Bruce's                  one, what is surprising because you are the girl..
This must have been               very difficult ..

BW : She has really prepared the role, she has made bruises during the
shooting, she         really jumps from the skyscraper, what means 30meters
(NFAlex: with a rubber band I      suppose:)

Milla : Yes, I worked hard, but Luc Worked 20times more harder than me

IG : Not only you had a physical preparation, but also you speak a divin
langage in the      film

Milla : Well, Luc has send me a dictionnary and he says "learn it", so I do
it, we              don't discuss when Luc speaks about things like that

Milla : Luc really knows how to conduct his actors, he follows his script

IG : It's your first Cannes Festival Milla, is it right, all is going nice?

Milla : Are you killing me? This is incredible, just a dream. For an actress
it's the         infinite..

I1: milla, you must be cold yesterday when climbing the stair..

Milla : Please, I had so much adrenalin, and my dress which was taired, and
all this            people whose looked at me, I were in sweat!

I1: There is a  lot of photograph which wait you here, so thanxs both of you
two, au        revoir Milla and Bruce

(the two actors leave under the crowd in frenzy)