Harper's Bazaar April 2003

Fabulous At Every Age : Looking chic at any age
Bazaar asked four actresses between the ages of 27 and 65 to discuss how each maintains her enviable shape, inspiring attitude and distinct style.

By Caroline Doyle Karasyov, Photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Milla Jovovich, 27

As a camera crew sets up in a sprawling house high above the Hollywood Hills, the energy level is considerably low until Milla Jovovich bursts in with her pocket-sized Maltese, her mother and her publicist in tow. Although she is just 27, the fashion darling, who is a standout for her cool brand of chic, puts everyone at ease. She knows exactly how she wants to look today: Not too heavy on the eyebrows, thank you; a little more eyeliner, please; and she'll curl her eyelashes herself, if you don't mind. Dressed in Prada flip-flops, a Miu Miu skirt and a diaphanous checkered Chanel top, Milla doesn't just speak fashion -- she's fluent in it.

Harper's Bazaar: Describe your style
Milla Jovovich: My style is usually a direct reflection of the way I feel. It changes depending on my mood. I love quirky accessories, especially hair accessories.
HB: What item of clothing do you wear the most often?
MJ: Jeans. They're very versatile. You can dress them up with an Emporio Armani blazer and a scarf and you're good to go.
HB: Who are your favorite designers?
MJ: Prada, Donna Karan, Armani. Zac Posen is also amazing. And I like vintage. Plus, I always wear things that my friends make. I mix and match. There is a new designer named Carmen Hawk who is the one to watch out for. Her things look elegant and finished. She's really into tie-dye right now.
HB: What are your favorite stores?
MJ: I buy the mass of my vintage stuff at Mary Efron in New York. And Prada, of course, is a favorite. You can always go to the store and find something great that doesn't scream out Prada; [the clothes] are basic enough.
HB: Is there a fashion item that looks great on a woman of any age?
MJ: Skirts below the knee. I've been wearing them since the age of 15, and I think I'll be wearing them until I'm 75. They're classic.
HB: Do you have style icons?
MJ: My mom would have to be number one. Kate Moss always has the coolest clothes. And Cameron Diaz -- she's quirky and always has her own look. Of the older generation, Charlotte Rampling and Lauren Bacall. I'm trying to do my hair like Jane Birkin right now; I'm totally inspired by '60s Jane Birkin.
HB: What are the last items you purchased?
MJ: A red polka-dot DKNY bikini, a vintage blue drummer-boy jacket with gold buttons down the front and back and a brown wintry Prada skirt that's fitted on top and like a bell on the bottom. I like pairing winter skirts with tank tops and flip-flops.
HB: Tell us about your skincare routine.
MJ: I wash my face every night and drink a lot of water. You cannot get a better facial than at Mario Badescu in New York.
HB: What are your favorite beauty products?
MJ: L'Oreal Lash Architect mascara and L'Oreal Endless Lipstick.
HB: Who cuts and colors your hair?
MJ: Oribe. And my color is L'Oreal Couleur Experte in Brioche.
HB: Have you ever received good beauty advice?
MJ: Ten years ago, I did a job with makeup artist Dick Page, and I had brought with me a full bag of products. Dick told me I was way too young to be using all of that and that I should just wash my face with water. I found he was half-right. You need to find the golden middle. Don't overdo it, but do use some products.
HB: What is your diet?
MJ: I eat everything.