AOL Chat February 13, 1995

This is an online real-time interview with Milla on America-Online from February 13, 1995. Special thanks to Damian Sage for contributing the transcript and the pictures.

Milla - MTV Arena 2.13.95

MillaGuest: Hey, hey, hey. What's up, everyone?
Mtvmail: Nitzer eb:
Question: has tori amos in any way inspired you?...
MillaGuest: Well, by the time I heard Tori Amos, my album was recorded, because it was recorded when I was 16...but, Tori Amos is somebody that I have so much respect for, especially after seeing her live.

Mtvmail: VeldaG532:
Question: Milla, am I imagining it, or is there two videos for the one song?
MillaGuest: Yes, there are 2 videos for one song. And that's because the first one just encompassed the wrong qualities in my music. I needed something more gutsy, more twisted. Not so beautiful and flowing. You just wanted to shoot it after awhile.

Mtvmail: RWeller99:
Question: You are cool, Right?
MillaGuest: yes. What kind of a question is that? Are you cool? And what do you describe as cool?

Mtvmail: Angel 110:
Question: How can i get translation of "In a Glade"?
MillaGuest: If you check out my Web site on the Net called "Reaching From Nowhere," you can definitely type in your message cause I've seen a translation of it there before.

MTVomit: GBorchard:
Question: I believe I saw you playing in CB's gallery a couple of mounths ago. Were you there? If so how was it to play in such a well know venue?
MillaGuest: I didn't play there. I played at the Mercury Lounge. And that was great!!!!!

MTVixen: Ratman: With your new success as a singer/songwriter, is modeling just a thing in the past for you?
MTVixen: (I can't imagine not seeing your beauty in the mags anymore).
MillaGuest: Thank you. I think modeling, acting and music is all an art form. Working with great photographers and getting great pictures is pleasure.

MTVomit: TRex12345:
Question: Milla, how was your co-operation with british super-producer Rupert hine ?
MillaGuest: He was an amazing man! We would just sit around till all hours the evening just talking and writing and smoking and..he was just a real, real person.

Question: did you enjoy making Dazed & confused?
MillaGuest: Dazed and Confused was a great experience in itself, but what went into making it was kind of a disapppointment to me. Because when I originally went in, I had gone in for a different character. And when I found out what they wanted me for, I just didn't feel like it was worth taking time off from recording my album to go do it. But they were really insistent that they really wanted me involved and said that I could write my own scene into the film. So I spent 3 months in Texas and then was told, well, they just screwed me over basically. And then put my face on all the posters. So there it is in a nutshell.

MTVixen: Comloans
Question: How did you make the transition to music?
MillaGuest: Music was such a natural progression. I was playing piano when I was about 8 years old and I started taking guitar lessons when I was about 10. Mainly, because my parents forced me to play piano and I was rebelling. So I took guitar. And putting my poetry and writing to music was just something that occured, like I said, really naturally. It was only after my record company was putting me with producers that weren't giving me the chance to write and express myself that a transition actually happened. From doing something that was totally natural to something that was totally set up. But, thank goodness, in the end after I stuck to my guns, they hooked me up to Rubert Hine and Richard Feldman who produced my album.

Question: Just how brutal is the business? Do you worry that tomorrow you'll be a forgotten has been? (Not to be morbid or anything...)
MillaGuest: You know, one of the main scary things about this business is the lack of a steady job. So obviously when the small percentage become huge stars, they make a lot of money because you never know if you're going to get the next job so you start demanding more. Especially if people like what you've got. You know, I'm not at the level at all yet. So for me I'm still totally struggling, and it is scary. Funny that you mention it, actually, because that's exactly what the scary issue is at this particular moment in my life. But you just never really know.

MTVixen: Poprokit
Question: are you a quick typist?
MillaGuest: You spend all the time waiting to get your question processed just to ask that? No, I'm not typing. Now wasn't that interesting?

Mtvmail: GIDDYUP96:
Question: u r very beautiful, happy valentines day, milla!
MillaGuest: Thank you very much! I haven't actually gotten any Valentine's Day greetings yet, so that's really nice to hear or read.

MTVomit: Take Hold:
Question: Which do you enjoy more, making music or acting?