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  • BPM (UK) February 2004 - Milla mentioned in feature article about The Crystal Method: MILLA JOVOVICH (Sings on "I Know It's You") -- "We had worked on this track for so long, we had kind of given up on it," explains Ken [Jordan]. "Then we brought in Milla to do vocals on it, then we put it away for a while, and we brought it up again and it started sounding really good when we reversed her vocals..." (busts up laughing). Scott [Kirkland] interjects, "No one can talk about that in a good light. It wasn't that they were lyrics we didn't like, but she just kept going, 'It's over, I know it's you,' (moaning) 'Oh, I know it's you.' Then we hardly had a vocal sample to fit. By reversing her vocals, we came up with this angelic, spiritual vocal. It's not as obvious. She has a beautiful voice and it takes it away from the lyrics."
  • Elle (Mexico) February 2004 - cover, p.28-33 several pictures, back cover Emporio Armani Night ad
  • Kena (Mexico) February 2004 - cover, p.80-83 article with 2 pictures, back cover Emporio Armani Night ad
  • Teen Vogue (US) February 2004 - p.8-9 L'Oreal Rock Star ad
  • Veronica (Netherlands) #6 February 7, 2004 - small photo

January 2004

  • Elle (Czech Republic) January 2004 - cover
  • Elle (Spain) January 2004 - red off-shoulder dress (same as Elle (US) December 1999)
  • Hello! (UK) #800 January 27, 2004 - p.48 3 small pictures of Milla on the street and at Prada and Anna Molinari boutiques in Milan with Madness and a bodyguard
  • Roadshow (Japan) January 2004 - p.91 #14 popular actress up from #17 in December , p.93 one-page article about the Canon PowerShot IXY DIGITAL L digital camera ad campaign: 1/2 page picture in transparent pullover under a slip-looking dress wearing silver Canon IXY DIGITAL L camera as a necklace, an Asian man looks at her from the background, p.160 contents mention of Milla points to the page about the Canon campaign
  • Vogue (US) January 2004 - 25 Best Dressed Women for 2003